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How to choose your bridesmaid dress?

The new Spring / Summer 2018 collections have just been released and it is the effervescence of pastel notes, flowers and brilliant touches. All colors are present: yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, but they remain erased to make room for the accessories.

Accessories are very importance this summer. A hat is especially on trend with pronounced colors and flowers, pair this with gem pumps, and a beautiful bag.

At weddings, it is often the bride who decides on the theme, the color and the shape of the dress that her Bridesmaids will wear for her wedding. This is the advantage of the bride, she decides everything!

Nevertheless, this is not always the case, and to answer any women who still don’t know what dress they will wear for their next ceremony, do not panic!!

We recommend colours on pastel shades, all colors are allowed!!

Weddings are nevertheless the day of the bride and groom, this day is supposed to be the best day of their life, and we must not steal the show!

That's why your dresses, ladies, must be simple and elegant. Long dresses are the most appropriate for this kind of event.

A beautiful long silk dress or beaded bodice dress are the essential of the season.

You can also embellish (it is strongly advised!) Your outfits of accessories could contain, beautiful fluorescent sandals, big rhinestone earrings, a giant hat, a wreath of flowers, a straw bag.

If your dress is are simple or with a little bit of lace this is ok, all accessories are tolerated, be happy and have fun!

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