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Virtual Events Happening Now!

Dearest Readers,

There is no doubt that times have changed in the wake of COVID-19 and we are not the exception! While in-person millinery events have temporarily halted, we can look forward to a new means of meeting. As virtual meetings become the norm we chose to embrace this new form of connection. We are still welcoming events such as our masterclasses, and bridal showers.

We all could use some time to do something for ourselves, and many are finding that comfort in crafts. Working with your hands can be a very therapeutic practice that encourages your creative side. Something that we certainly don’t tap into enough. I prefer to look at this time of being home more as a blessing. A time to better ourselves and check-in with our priorities in life. Maybe it’s starting a small creative business, or learning a new skill, or even just reconnecting with friends we have been apart from. Whatever it is that you need right now, invest in it. You deserve to devote time to you! 

Our new package would involve a safe and fun way to connect with your girlfriends over Zoom.

Dress up in your finest attire, make yourself a cocktail, and sit down with a fascinator kit curated just for you by Katherine Elizabeth herself. Let us help you celebrate your milestone safely while still getting your hens excited for the big day! 

Here is an image from a lovely client who created her headpiece at one of our events, we look forward to helping you and your hens do the same.

Email for more information or questions. We hope to see you (virtually) soon!

Stay Healthy.

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