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Inspire & motivate your team!

A new and inventive way to hold a team building event & having fun at the same time?

Picture yourself and your colleagues across a colourful table filed with feather, ribbons, sinamay and so many other fantastic millinery materials! All of this in a lovely and luxurious venue such as Eccleston Square hotel or The Bentley.

Our packages offer a variety of couture arranged options, from creating headpieces with afternoon tea under the guidance of our expert milliner, Katherine Elizabeth to millinery talks on Hat etiquette.

At the event you will gather around a colorful table full of hat fabrics such as feather or sinamay, While having a nice glass of Champagne Katherine will give a short talk on how to wear your hat as well as explaining how to create the headpieces.

After this introduction you will be able to start creating a magnificent hat with the help of our milliners.

At the end of the event we can pick the best hat and give a small prize.

This activity is great fun, perfect for corporate, team-building and hospitality events!

An original activity that will permit your team to build communication skills in a fun and motivating environment, create an enjoyable atmosphere, help them connect with each other outside of the work situation and develop a shared way of working.

Other Millinery package options include -

Couture millinery for client hospitality or team building. Milliners tale - A Talk on how to wear your hat, fashionable trends and the history of hats.

Millinery for Men - With Top hats and Trilby's.

Benefit Cosmetics Collaboration- We are working with Benefit so that everyone has the option of a makeover whilst creating hats for that special occasion, an option with a twist!

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