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The Right Hat Shape & Colour

When choosing a hat for any occasion it is important to take into consideration your face shape and skin colour. Spring is blossoming and Summer is just around the corner, which means hat season is about to be in full swing! With horse races, garden parties, summer weddings, and many more opportunities to show off your best hat it is important to choose one that works best for you. Read on to determine which shape, size, and colour is your best fit. All of the hats shown are pieces by milliner, Katherine Elizabeth.

Long Face

Round Face

If you have a rounder face, a hat with a square top would be optimal to highlight your features. The hat should be positioned at an angle. By choosing a hat in an opposite shape of your face, it will highlight your features.

Square Face

The same advice to choose a hat in the opposite shape applies here as well. If you have a square face then it is best to then choose a more round hat.

Small Face

If you have a tiny, petite face it is best to go for a smaller hat as a large piece would be overwhelming and take over. Be wary, however, of choosing a piece that is too small as the proportion will be off.

Fuller (Pear) Face

Those with a fuller face and strong, large features, look best in larger hats or hats with a wider brim. The important part about choosing a piece is to make sure it is asymmetrical and that a part of it cuts across the face.

Regardless of your shape, it is wise not to wear a hat much wider than your shoulders and to not wear a hat where the shape is the same as your face.

Skin Colour

Along with face shape, it is also important to take how the hat colour compliments your skin tone into account when choosing which piece to wear. It is best to choose a colour in a warm or cool tone which highlights your skin. For instance, those with more yellow undertones should choose a hat warmer in colour such as a lime green, orange, or a rich gold. People with pinky skin colour should lean towards a hat in cool shades such as a royal blue, purple, and darker greens.

While these tips are useful to narrowing down your selection for a hat, the best way to know what looks perfect for your face is to try them on! Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone as some places, like Ascot, have minimum requirements for hat sizes. If Ascot is where you will be showing off your new hat, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on all you need to know regarding the requirements and which hat to wear!

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Face shape pictures belong to Hat pictures are our own at Millinery House Events/Katherine Elizabeth Millinery.

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