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Cliveden House Event

Our hat making event at Cliveden House was wonderful! We had 20 fabulous ladies join us in Lady Astor's former dining room for the class to make their own beautiful pieces while also learning about hat etiquette from our head milliner, Katherine Elizabeth.

Cliveden House, now a luxury hotel, has been home to many prominent figures including the Astors. The setting along the Thames, and the exquisite French Dining room providing views, made for a great day.

Scroll down for pictures of this event!

To provide inspiration to the ladies, Katherine Elizabeth had some of her creations on display

Cliveden House's French Dining Room, of Lady Astor, was a wonderful setting for our event!

Some of our guests model their creations!

The ladies listen to our milliner, Katherine Elizabeth, explain hat etiquette as well as tips on how to make their own creations!

The ladies show off their creations on the deck of Cliveden, and in the Dining Room, after indulging in afternoon tea

Our team after a wonderful hat making event at Cliveden!

Thank you so much to all the ladies that joined us at this event, and thank you to Cliveden House for being a wonderful setting! We look forward to many more events like this in the future!

If you would like to book your own hat making event, email us or fill out the form on the contact page of our website!

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